Office Bearers – 2013

Rev. Maile Molitika is the Minister of the Word at Park Church and the Chairperson of the Church Council.

Fisi’iniu-‘0-Ha’angana (Tu’i Kaloni) is the Steward and a lay preacher, an elder and co-leader of the Pastoral Care and Stewardship Committees of the Church Council.

‘Uheina Taumoefolau is the Secretary of the Church Council.

Heuifanga Taufa is the Secretary of the Congregational Meeting.

Mele Ngauamo is the Treasurer of the Church Council and Congregational Meeting whilst also member of the Council committees.

Tekemapa Takai is a lay preacher, an elder and leader of the Discipleship Committee.

‘Ilaisaane Taumoha’apai is the leader of the Women’s Fellowship, a lay preacher, an elder and co-leader of the Pastoral Care Committee.

Samisoni Manu, Fisi’inaua Senituli and Semisi Tupou are the Property Stewards.